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Recently Asked Health Questions...

1. What causes your bones and joints to ache?
09.24.2012 by Guest

1.   Too much, or the wrong balance of acid in your stomach.
09.24.2012 by GiGi Stetler

2. I recently had surgery for an Ectopic Pregnancy. I was wondering if it was ok for me to sleep on my side?
12.18.2012 by Guest

2.   Women who have actually been through this experience suggest that they were fine after surgery, and the pain eventually subsides. I would recommend speaking to your Doctor.
12.18.2012 by GiGi Stetler

3. Is it possible to create healthy cigarettes?
11.07.2013 by Guest

3.   Noooo.
04.18.2014 by GiGi Stetler

4. Health: Is the joint formula approved for use in dogs? From: Lauren
09.06.2015 by Guest

4.   Yes I use it on my dog and my horses. Depending on the size dog just open the capsule and share.
09.07.2015 by GiGi Stetler

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